The Silver Bullet Syndrome

We love our silver bullets don’t we? We are constantly chasing the dream that the next big thing will solve all our past problems. It doesn’t matter if it’s a language, framework, platform or library, we’re out there chasing it. Why?

Money is Back for Software Tools… Or Maybe Not

The beginning of 2015 has seen a wave of new financing for software development tools companies. Mulesoft, Docker, Sauce Labs, Neo Technology, MongoDB, EnterpriseDB or CloudBees are some of the organizations that have received up to $130 million dollars to develop their activities. Even if not all companies will earn money on the long-term, this […]

Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests

Object orientation (OO) is not a trendy concept these days, but it hasn’t certainly lost it values. The purpose of this book is to integrate the development of object oriented software with the test-driven development (TDD) approach, more specifically in Java. It starts with an introduction to TDD and the tools (Junit, jMock2) that will […]

The Times They Are a-Changin’ ? Maybe Not

I will rather say that history repeats itself. By the way, this is a quote from Hegel and Marx added that first time was tragedy, and the second time farce. Yet this post is not about a Bob Dylan against Marx debate, but about a thought that came when, after following a conference presenting some […]

1500 Tools to Assist Software Developers

Created in 2007, the Software Development Tools Directory has now more than 1500 references. It is one of the rare web sites where you can see on the same location both commercial and open source software development tools. Tools are categorized by programming language, license, operating system or software development function (software testing, project management, […]