Ten 2012 Software Architecture Videos to Watch

Even if the current Agile approach consider software architecture more like a deliverable that will emerge during the Scrum iterations than a foundation that must be completely defined before starting your software development project, the architecture of your application remains one of the key factor for its capacity to evolve and survive.

Here are ten presentations on software architecture from last year software development conferences that available on videos and that can help you understand the current trends in software architecture:

Service Oriented Architecture at Square: Learn how Square is approach SOA with information on testing and service isolation, dependency management, API documentation, code quality metrics, etc.

Reddit, Netflix, and beyond: Building Scalable and Reliable Architectures in the Cloud: this is a detailed and comprehensive take on scaling reliable cloud systems using AWS and other web platforms.

Agile Architecture and Design: ThoughtWorks software architect Neal Ford investigates agile architecture and design, specifically addressing how big up-front architecture and design fail because of the unknown unknowns of a project.

Hard Coding: A Design Approach: this talk discusses the Great Simplification Architecture, instead of creating abstract towers of Babel, we will see how we can create agile, maintainable and easy to work with architectures and systems that allow you to just go in and start working, rather than spend a lot of time an effort hammering everything at the beginning.

Managing Software Architecture Complexity: Mow to manage software architecture complexity. SOA promises scalability, but it is easy to introduce brittleness and overcomplicate an architecture when the right pieces are not introduced.

Decomposing Applications for Scalability and Deployability: This talk describes the limitations of monolithic software architecture. You will learn how to use the scale cube to decompose your application into a set of narrowly focused, independently deployable back-end services and an HTML 5 client.

Averting Tragedy on the Architectural Commons: Much has been made of the need to establish software architectures to provide the firm foundations on which successful products are constructed, but if a product is successful over the long term its architecture will not only need to evolve, but must be actively defended against malignant forces

Clean Software Architecture: Does the architecture of your application tell you the intent of the application, or does it just tell you what frameworks you’ve used. A good architecture screams about the intent of the application and hides the frameworks.

Modularity in the Enterprise: This presentation discusses the fundamentals of enterprise modularity and demonstrates how it will affect Java EE application development.

7 Secrets Every Software Architect Should Know: seven secrets that every software architect should know: User Tasks-based Design, Be Minimalist, Ensure Visibility of Domain Concepts, Use Uncertainty as a Driver, Design Between Things, Check Assumptions, Eat Your Own Dog Food.

Find more software architecture presentations videos on SoftDevTube.com.