We Can’t Do Agile Here Because…

Methods & Tools author and Agile Coach Daryl Kulak discusses about all the “Agile Can’t” answers to better understand whether Agile is suited to your environment or not.

There are many reasons why people think they can’t do Agile in a particular situation. But really, we’re answering the wrong question. The right question is “Do we require agility?” In other words, “Does the business need IT to respond to their requests quickly and with flexibly?” Most of the time, agility in our relationship with the business just isn’t an option. And that means that we need to figure out how to get there no matter what. The list of “Agile Can’t” responses is long:
* We need a strong architecture
* We have immoveable deadlines
* We have documentation and regulatory requirements
* This project is mission critical
* We have a distributed team
* And many others…

Video Producer: Pillar Technology

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