Can You Manage Software Developers?

“Herding Cats” is one of the many analogies that are mentioned about the difficulties of managing software developers. If it is difficult, it doesn’t mean that you should try. In this case, the book ” Managing the Unmanageable” contains material that could help you in this adventure. Based on the experience of two seasoned software […]

Software Could be the Least Important Result of a Project

“[Deliverables] is the least important level of an impact map. Don’t try to make it complete from the start. Refine it iteratively as you deliver. Treat deliverables as options, don’t take it for granted that everything listed here will actually be delivered. Don’t go into a lot of details early on, there will be time […]

Agile Analytics

The goal of this book is to provide an adaptation of the Agile development approach to the specific characteristics of Datawarehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence (BI) systems development. The book is divided into two parts. The first focuses on Agile project management techniques and delivery team coordination. The second part focuses on the technical methods […]

Practical Unit Testing with TestNG and Mockito

I have just published a review of the book “Practical Unit Testing with TestNG and Mockito” written by Tomek Kaczanowski. For a full disclosure, Tomek has written an article about TestNG in the last issue of Methods & Tools and will contribute another article on Mockito in our upcoming Summer issue that will be published […]