Software Architecture Articles of 2013

As the software infrastructure get more complex with pieces of applications running on server, mobile or cloud locations, the discipline of software architecture is more important than ever. The Agile approach has done its part to bring the software architects down from an ivory tower, but some developers have also started to believe that you […]

Software Development Linkopedia January 2012

Here is our selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management: Web Site: Understanding JavaScript OOP Web Site: Cherry Pop – Development Diary Web Site: Mikado Method Blog: Diversity Imbalance Blog: Kicking ass together: How to improve coding skills as a group Blog: Tips for Testing Database Code Article: Creating Your […]

Retrospectives, Standards, User Experience and HTML5 in the Fall 2011 issue of Methods & Tools

Methods & Tools – the free magazine for software developers, testers and project managers – has just published its Fall 2011 issue with the following articles that focuses mainly on user interface and project management practices: * Dialogue Sheets for Scrum Retrospectives – Helping Scrum Improvement * Using Models and Standards – Tools for Software […]

Documenting Software Architectures

You have more chances to like a  book on documenting software architectures when the authors know how to write and this is the case for this one. It starts by explaining the concepts of architecture views and styles. A second part discusses in a more detailed fashion the process of documenting architecture. I think that […]