Waterfall Alliance Denounces 10 Years of Agile Anarchy

In a press release of today, The Waterfall Alliance announced the organization of a protest march during the Agile 2011 Conference in Salt Lake City that will celebrate the 10-Year Anniversary of the Agile Manifesto and the creation of a new Pizza Party. Waterfall Alliance Managing Director Sarah Planning said “We have to follow the […]

Should Developers Come Only from Mars but Project Managers from Venus?

Once upon a time was the “software crisis” that persuaded people to “engineer” software in a 1968 NATO conference. Methods were created to structure the requirements and the software development process. They use models to define more precisely the requirements and the target system. They had a top-down approach that was aimed at increasing management […]

Agile Advert Is Back for Agile 2008

There is only a month for you to create your best (read: funniest/ most creative) video representing your experience with or just promoting enthusiasm for Agile development. Make sure to check out last year’s videos. Learn more and upload here: http://www.agileadvert.org