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The maddening thing about most of our organizations is that they are only as good as the people who staff them. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get around that natural limit, and have good organizations even though they were staffed by mediocre or incompetent people? Nothing could be easier—all we need is (trumpet fanfare, please) a Methodology.

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I have recently added the 3000th article on Softdevarticles.com. This directory provides pointers to articles that cover all areas of software development: programming, software quality, (project) management, databases, requirements, process improvement, ….

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At the end of the past century, the approaches and methodologies (Information Engineering, RUP, CMMI) that were trying to improve software development processes and projects had a huge documentation on how to do things, initially on large documents sets and then on CDs. Checklists were often used as gateways between project phases and you had to confirm that every goal of the phase has been addressed. Then came the Agile Manifesto that proposed a new approach preferring “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”.

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Some music loving readers could notice that this title is borrowed from a 1975′s Supertramp album. On the cover of this vinyl LP, you can see a guy taking a sunbath in a gray industrial landscape. According to the common interpretation, the term Software Engineering was coined just some years before this, in 1968 at the NATO Software Engineering Conference in Garmisch, Germany. The aim of this conference was already to tame the “software crisis”. Since this era, vinyls and Supertramp have mostly disappeared, but software development seems to have …

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Methods & Tools is a free e-magazine for software developers, testers and project managers. Summer 2010 issue has just been published with the following articles:
* Aspects of Kanban – Lean Worfklow Management
* Test Language – Introduction to Keyword Driven Testing
* A High Volume Software Product Line
* Better Requirements Definition Management is Better for Business
* The Core Protocols, an Experience Report – Tools for High Performance Teams
* Tool: eValid- Functional and Load Web Testing
* Tool: Hudson- Continuous Integration Server
* Tool: FitNesse – Test Cases Management
* Tool: VoodooMock – Mock Objects Framework …