Microservices: the Naked Truth of the Maintainability

It is easy to do a proof-of-concept but hard to make something “production-ready*. Maintainability is complex in distributed systems, and become extremely complicated for a microservices software architecture. This presentation takes a look at the common traps producing a gap between “should work” and “works”. It also discusses costs which come with the most famous […]

The Role of Managers in Agile

The role of the Agile manager is to enable knowledge-based work. As ‘enablers’, managers are there to remove blockers, increase competence and ensure collaboration. Except nobody has told them that officially. Many managers in large organizations are simply doing what they have been trained to do: protecting the organization from their unpredictable employees! Their managers, […]

Scaling Software Engineering Teams

All teams go through several lifecycle phases, whether in a startup or an established enterprise. This talk should help you identify which phase of growth lifecycle your team is in and how being aware of it can help you build the right culture, make effective technology choices, hire people who will thrive in your current […]