Attitude versus Knowledge in Software Development

In her article for the Summer 2016 issue of Methods & Tools, “Hiring for Agility,” Nadia Smith suggested considering an interesting difference between the need to recruit for “Agile”, defined as the knowledge and experience of Agile practices, and to recruit for “agility”, defined as attitude, values and behavior. Without focusing on Agile, this approach […]

Sacred Agile

You know that when you deal with this type of topic, you are writing about a touchy subject. When I write that Agile has been sometimes sacralized, my aim is not to hurt any religious or philosophical belief, but rather to see how men behave when adopting new ideas. Raised as a catholic, what will […]

Successful Software Development Project Failures

Software development projects have always been challenging. The most referenced source for metrics about project success is the Standish Group yearly CHAOS report. According to this source, around 30% of software development project were considered as a “failure” in the recent years. The failure rate of larger projects is a little bit higher than the […]