Holacracy, Team Dynamics & IoT in Methods & Tools Q4 2017 Articles

Here is a list of the articles published during the fourth quarter of 2017 on the Methods & Tools website. This quarter Methods & Tools has published articles discussing Holacracy, software testing team dynamics, communication for software architects and realistic Internet of Things (IoT). We also published one article presenting the open source bug tracking […]

Refactoring to a System of Systems

Teams that have built monoliths for years are used to certain patterns of interaction between different parts of the code base. Simply replicating those patterns when splitting up a system into a distributed one usually introduces a lot of complexity and drawbacks that often totally subvert the desired effects of a split up of the […]

Software Development Linkopedia December 2017

Here is our monthly selection of knowledge on programming, software testing and project management. This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about gamification, requirements tools, software architecture, change with Scrum, code comments, bug metrics, better retrospectives, serverless architecture and test automation.

Organisational & People Impact of Microservices

Microservices are where it’s at. Everything is easier to manage when it’s micro, right? Micro code bases (less than 10 LOC), micro containers (less than 10Mb), and micro teams (less than one person???). ‘Micro’ things may appear to be easier to manage, but there is always a macro context, and working with people and teams […]

Quote of the Month November 2017

To reiterate, an aspirant architect should have in-depth knowledge in either one of the application, data or infrastructure domains. Just has having at least one pillar to support the roof of a house is essential, an IT architect needs depth in at least one of the domains to support a solution architecture “roof”.