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Agile Software Development

Scrum Expert – provides Scrum and agile project management knowledge and news

Agile Videos and Tutorials scrum, kanban, continuous integration, TDD, user stories

Agile Software Tools list open source and commercial tools for Scrum, BDD,
Continuous Integration, Refactoring

Scrum Open Source Software open source tools for agile project management

Waterfall Manifesto – Humourous mirror site to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development

Waterfall Alliance – The Waterhole for the Waterfall Software Development Supporters

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Software Testing Magazine Tools, News and Resources on Software Testing

Software Testing Tutorials Unit, Functional and Load Testing Tutorials and Videos lists Functional, Acceptance and User Automated Software Testing Open Source and Commercial Tools lists Software tools for load and performance testing lists Open Source and Commercial Software Quality Assurance, Defect and Issue Tracking Software lists Open Source and Commercial Test Management Software lists Open Source and Commercial Test Management Code Analysis lists Open Source and Commercial Software for C/C++, Java, Javascript, .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, Flex Unit Testing lists open source tools for software configuration management (SCM)

Java Software Development

Java Tutorials and Videos Java Programming, Groovy, Spring, Eclipse, Hibernate, Maven Tutorials and Videos