The 10 Best Software Development Conferences Videos of 2009

You didn’t have the time or resources to travel last year and regret that you have missed some conferences? Now you can find a lot of complete conference sessions recording on the Web. My title has obviously a little bit of marketing twist, but I share with you a fair and diversified selection of excellent conferences presentations videos. Here is my list “in no particular order” as they say on TV.

What they Don’t Teach You About Software at School: Be Smart!

This is a keynote given by Ivar Jacobson at Jazoon. One of the most popular buzzwords in software development is agile. Today everyone wants to be agile. That is good! However, being agile is not enough. You also need to be smart.

Challenges and Opportunities for Python

In this PyCon 2009 talk Ted Leung discusses some of the challenges and opportunities that he sees for Python.

Just For Fun: Rediscovering Coding as a Hobby

In this RubyConf talk, Adam Keys talks about getting back when coding was more fun and less serious.

Nano-Incremental Development, a.k.a. Elephant Carpaccio

During this Agile Roots workshop, Alistair Cockburn made people think about cutting features requests in small pieces.

Design Fundamentals for Developers

At the Microsoft’s Mix conference, Robby Ingebretsen presented the fundamentals of interface design for developers.

Reading the Flex Source Code

In this talk at 360Flex, Jonathan Branam gave an introduction to the Flex source code, explaining the class hierarchy, compositional classes and the importance of interfaces

Patterns for Lovers of JavaScript

In this talk at JSConf 2009, Petter Higgins shows that Dojo teaches fundamentally sounds techniques for high performance JavaScript applications across the board. You will learn how these techniques provide a stable, professional-grade foundation for creating highly maintainable, scalable projects of any size

Kanban, Flow & Cadence

During this Lean Software & Systems Conference session, Karl Scotland introduced the three lean concepts of Kanban, Flow and Cadence, which combine to generate a more pipeline-based approach to software development, as opposed to the typical timebox-based approaches used by more traditional Agile methods.

GWT Can Do What?!?! A Preview of Google Web Toolkit 2.0

In this talk at the Google I/O 2009 conference, Bruce Johnson presents the new version of GWT.
GWT 2.0 contains huge improvements, including dynamic script loading, a new catalog of compiler optimizations, and a new approach to hosted mode debugging that promises to revolutionize your productivity.

C++, Java and .NET: Lessons Learned from the Internet Age

Java’s appearance at the dawn of the Internet Age helped to propel it to near-instant prominence, and lodged cross-platform virtual machines and garbage-collection firmly into our mainstream consciousness. In Java’s wake, .NET introduced the concept of the “cross-language” virtual machine, and helped to foster a new discussion on the benefits of functional programming. Did Java and C# have an evolutionary advantage over C++, or were they simply “Cool” (the original code name for C# / .NET)?

You Want More?

If you want to search for more videos, has currently catalogued and classified more than 1600 software development videos, screencasts and tutorials. To prepare your conference schedule for this year or find more conferences archives, go to If you want to read some in-depth articles on software development topics, visit the Methods & Tools magazine web site and download past PDF issues.


  1. I think you would also find to be a great source for conference videos (in addition to news and articles)… InfoQ regularly record session from many conferences.

    I must admit I’m a bit bias here, since I’m also a .NET editor for InfoQ, but I was a regular viewer/reader of InfoQ long before I started to write for them.

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