Software Development Linkopedia April 2016

Here is our monthly selection of knowledge on programming, software testing and project management. This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about scaling Agile, Test-Driven Development, recruiting developers, managing technical debt, distributed teams, breaking the rules, test automation, Agile metrics and machine learning.

Web site: Agile Scaling Knowledgebase

Blog: What do you make as a manager?
Blog: Do We Need A New Word For ‘Velocity’?
Blog: TDD and the “6 Do’s and 8 Skills” of Software Development
Blog: Recruiting Software Developers – Initial Contact
Blog: Learn how to manage technical debt from a business perspective

Article: Supporting Distributed Scrum Teams
Article: API Management Introduction and Principles
Article: Unwritten Rules
Article: Integrate Manual and Automated Testing in a Test Plan
Article: Scaling Agile Approaches

Tools: Helios – Open source reactive socket middleware for .NET
Tools: Testopia is a test case management extension for Bugzilla

Video: Adapting Agile to Distributed Teams
Video: Smarter Testing with Smarter Testers
Video: Machine Learning for Software Developers
Video: Agile Metrics Beyond the Burndown Chart
Video: 5 Key Patterns for Test Automation

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