Software Development Linkopedia January 2017

Here is our monthly selection of knowledge on programming, software testing and project management. This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about Test-Driven Development (TDD), big meetings, product ownership, UX stories, cognitive bias, ScrumMaster job description, test management in JIRA, #NoProjects, team performance and software testing culture.

Blog: TDD and the “6 Do’s and 8 Skills” of Software Development
Blog: The secret life of a games programmer: I’ve lived my dream and it came up short
Blog: When big meetings are better
Blog: Decide How to Decide: Empowering Product Ownership

Article: UX Stories Communicate Designs
Article: Cognitive bias cheat sheet
Article: The ScrumMaster Job Description
Article: Choosing a Test Case Management Solution for JIRA

Tools: Tiger – The fastest java dependency injection framework
Tools: Trompeloeil – A thread safe header only mocking framework for C++

Video: MDD: Metrics Driven Development
Video: How to Test Time In Java
Video: #noprojects: If Start a Project, You’ve Already Failed
Video: Measuring Agile Team Performance at Spotify
Video: How to Build a Test Engineering Culture

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