Software Development Linkopedia October 2013

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management.  This month you will find information about business analysis, Agile and Scrum in the large, test automation, creating good user experience (UX) as a developer, legacy systems, distributed databases and the prioritization of your Scrum backlog.

Blog: The Business Analyst’s Role – Clear as Mud
Blog: Migrate Idea
Blog: What It Takes to Do Large Scale Technical Agile
Blog: Evolution and the culture of an adaptive organisation

Article: How to Form Teams in Large-Scale Scrum? A Story of Self-Designing Teams
Article: Test automation and continuous integration with STAF/STAX
Article: Functional Programming Basics
Article: PHPUnit Tips & Tricks

Tools: Needle – a lightweight framework for testing Java EE components
Tools: PyVows – an asynchronous behavior driven development (BDD) for Python

Video: Practical Backlog Prioritization in Scrum
Video: UX by Developers
Video: Treating Legacy System in Practice
Video: Distributed Databases Panel at Google I/O 2013
Video: Making a Good Business Analyst Great

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