Software Tester Career, Parallel Testing & Linx in Methods & Tools Q1 2020 Articles

Here is a list of the articles published during the first quarter of 2020 on the Methods & Tools website. This quarter Methods & Tools has published articles about becoming a software tester and test automation engineer, parallel testing With the TestNG Java open source test framework and Linx, a tool to build and host backend applications in low code.

So You Want to Automate? Becoming A Software Tester

This article discusses myths about becoming a software tester and “Automation Engineer”. Its goal is not to discourage you, my dear reader, from beginning your software testing journey. What you have to make sure is that you have as much information as possible to make a conscious decision. First, we will discuss just software testing. Next, we will talk about test automation. The last part of the article will share some tips on how to start your software tester training. Read more on

Parallel Testing With the TestNG Java Test Framework

Parallel testing execution is a concept that has a huge importance in the world of automation testing. Any kind of work that we do in parallel always saves time. Similarly, in end-to-end testing of an application, running tests in parallel instead of running sequentially saves test execution time which can further save time in the remaining software testing phases and application delivery activities. Read more on

Linx – Build & Host Backend Applications in Low Code

Linx enables the rapid development and deployment of backend software applications like APIs, integrations and automations. Developers design and debug solutions in a familiar procedural style using a drag and drop interface with access to 1000s of ready-made functions. Solutions are deployed with one click to servers running in the cloud or on-premise. Read more on