Agile Software Architecture Insights

Some interesting thoughts borrowed from my notes of the “How to Become an Agile Architect” talk presented yesterday by Uwe Friedrichsen from Codecentric at the Jazoon 2011 conference in Zurich.

* Architecture is a set of skills and not a role: if you don’t have these skills available for your project, you might get quickly in trouble.

* Becoming an architect is a journey: you should leave your comfort zone and programming expertise area to explore and learn about the other software development domains like requirements, operations or testing.

* An architect focuses on people and not on systems: if you are unable to communicate your architecture, how perfect it might be, you are going to fail. People skills are the most important for an architect.

* Less is more: minimize complexity and use the JDUF (Just enough Up Front Design) design principle.

He also pointed the audience to a very interesting Architect Competency Framework produced by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer. The web site of Bredemeyer Consulting contains a lot of valuable material about software architecture.