Quote of the Month July 2019 – Successful Transformations

The most successful transformations I have experienced—the ones where you walk into the office and there is a tangible difference in the energy and interactions between people, where the commercial and management stakeholders are as excited and invested as the technology stakeholders, where everyone agrees on the metrics that matter and those metrics are trending in the right direction, where the people involved are proud to be part of the change, and where those outside are eager to get involved—those transformations succeed because a small cabal of dedicated individuals take the time and effort bringing people on the journey with them; they create and nurture a groundswell of enthusiasm; they engage, challenge, educate and support the middle and senior managers whose world is being turned on its head; they gain the executive sponsorship and investment to carry the whole thing forwards; they use external help because they know they can’t do it all themselves. And they do all this without recourse to canned methods or certification Ponzi schemes.

Source: In praise of SWARMing, Dan North, https://dannorth.net/2018/01/26/in-praise-of-swarming/

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