Quote of the Month October 2022 – Better Coordination or Better Software?

The extra work to make clear boundaries makes better software.

The extra work of coordination only makes it take longer.

When we change the system later, strong boundaries make those changes faster. Deep coordination makes those changes harder: the tight coupling still exists but the armies have moved on, the armies of project managers who heroically held together that initial release.

The coordination is really expensive, too. More managers. Plus, software developers sitting on coordination calls, struggling to test, and waiting for dependencies are expensive (and unhappy).

Making coordination smoother increases coupling, requiring more coordination. The alternative is spending development effort on healthy boundaries. You can pay for better coordination, or better software.

Don’t unify tracking tools. Don’t make coordination smoother. Make delivery smoother! by strengthening boundaries.

Source: Better coordination, or better software?, Jessica Joy Kerr, https://jessitron.com/2021/08/02/better-coordination-or-better-software/

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