Breeding Unicorn Software Developers

What does the next generation of software developers look like? If I believe the rumors, the guides, the white noise on the internet and what my clients are searching for, the new hire is an excellent, cheap, “T-Shaped” newbie with a lot of experience, the right agile mindset and she’s ready to be a cultural fit for big and small companies alike.

Those unicorns software developers do exist, but the majority of students leaving universities today have no clue what we need. Are they to blame? Have we clearly expressed what we need already? Have we defined how we intend to push them even further? This talk will go over the three most important relations of the software engineer: relation to code, to your peers and to yourself. Through practical examples and testimonials, we will explore how some successful software engineers have reflected on their careers and helped juniors, veterans and managers alike tweak their expectations for the future generation.

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