Software Development Linkopedia February 2013

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management:

Blog: A Scrum Product Owner Checklist
Blog: How to create a User Story Map
Blog: Effective Steps to reduce technical debt: An agile approach
Blog: Top 5 TDD Mistakes

Article: Scaling the Sprint Review: The Fair
Article: Case Study of Customer Input For a Successful Product (PDF)
Article: Choose the best PaaS cloud for your needs
Article: SQL Injection through HTTP Headers
Article: Using Commercial Scrum Tools for Free

Tools: TestMob, a distributed Javascript unit test system
Tools: Cmockery, unit tests for C applications

Video: Software Developers: The Prima Donnas of the 21st Century
Video: Software Testing Strategy Introduction
Video: From Requirements to Automated Tests and Back
Video: Web Performance and Load Testing with VS2012 Ultimate
Video: JSF, GWT, SpringMVC and Wicket Compared

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