Software Development Linkopedia February 2014

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management.  This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about coding in Java, project planning, Scrum and Kanban, debugging, user interface quality,  diversity in programming, agile metrics and software testing in a continuous deployment context.

Web site: Google Java Style Guide

Blog: Long-Range Planning with User Stories
Blog: Why Contrasting Scrumban and Kanban Belies a Lack of Understanding of Both
Blog: Finding Bugs: Debugger versus Logging

Article: Save Your Software from the Start: Overcoming Skewed Thinking in the Project Planning Stage
Article: The Kanban Sandwich: A Bite-Size Recipe for Agile Work Flows at Scale
Article: The Reciprocity Principle: Give Before You Take in Web Design
Article: Developing a Model to Evaluate and Improve Mobile User Experience

Tools: Selendroid – a test automation framework for Android
Tools: KADOS – a web-based tool to manage Scrum and Agile projects

Video: Programming Diversity
Video: Agile and UX Can Be Friends and Lean UX is the Way
Video: Complexity of Complexity
Video: Testing All The Way To Production
Video: Examining Agile Myths with Metrics

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