Software Development Linkopedia January 2013

Here is our monthly selection of interesting knowledge material on programming, software testing and project management:

Web site: Practical API Design
Web site: Impact Mapping
Web site: Source Code Analysis Tools
Web site: Coding the Architecture

Blog: Transitioning from time estimation to relative estimation
Blog: Test Driven Retrospectives

Article: Your Client Isn’t Your Product Owner
Article: The Transaction Manifesto: A Direction for NoSQL Database Technology
Article: Java Secure Random Number Generation
Article: The Business Analyst Role in Agile Software Development

Tools: CMocka, a unit testing framework for C
Tools: Saga, a code coverage tool for JavaScript

Video: Intelligent Mistakes in Test Automation
Video: People: Your Most Agile Ingredient
Video: Effective Programming Patterns
Video: Thinking in Functional Style using F# and C#
Video: Ten Web Performance Tuning Tricks in 60 Minutes

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