Software Development Linkopedia January 2020

Here is our monthly selection of knowledge on programming, software testing and project management. This month you will find some interesting information and opinions about women in Agile, Domain-Driven-Design, Scrum sprint planning, technical debt, Java integration testing, managing software development, software design, testing Javascript.

Software Development Linkopedia January 2020

Website: Women in Agile is a collective effort to recruit, network, promote, and support the work of outstanding women in the agile community through blogging, speaking at events, and building a network surrounded by people of all genders.

Text: Domain-Driven Design Use Case: Improving A Life Insurance Selling Platform
Text: The 8 tips to help you settle into your new team
Text: Testing React Native with Detox
Text: The Agile Fluency Model
Text: Good Intentions Fail at Scale
Text: Struggling with Capacity in Sprint Planning
Text: The Future of Managing Technical Debt
Text: The Role of Attachments in Bugs Reports

Video: What Software Development Managers Should Do
Video: A Case For Outside-In Software Design
Video: Functional Programming in Java with Lambda
Video: Prioritizing Technical Debt with Time & Money Matters
Video: Writing tests with F#
Video: Practical Tips for Coaching Tired Scrum Teams
Video: Integration & End-to-End Testing with TestContainers and JUnit 5

Tools: radish is a Behavior Driven Development tool completely written in python and fully compatible with Cucumber’s Gherkin language. In addition, radish supports some more functionality like: Scenario Preconditions, Scenario Loops, Variables and Expressions.
Tools: qdPM is an open source web-based project management tool suitable for a small team working on multiple projects. It is fully configurable. You can easy manage Projects, Tasks and People. Customers interact using a Ticket System that is integrated into Task management.
Tools: Free Commercial Scrum Tools This article list Scrum tools that offer a long term free commercial product features